Pollinate – Sidewinder Gallery


Pollen spreads and when it is doing what it is designed to do, it creates something that is new. Art, much like pollen, spreads and creates the foundation for creativity, and above all else, growth. On July 7th Juliana Purcell Sheehan, Robert Pioch, and Taylor B. Sommers come together to exhibit works of art that provide a space to explore how we differ while also celebrating the similarity of humanity.“Pollinate” serves as a platform to view and discuss the unseen connections between us all.

Sidewinder Gallery

Open reception – July 7th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

4880 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640

Admission is free

Expect wine, beer, art, and good conversation Sidewinder Gallery

Photo Party – Sidewinder Gallery

The Photo Party will be April 29th at 5pm  •  Sidewinder Gallery

Grab a drink and strike a pose! If you haven’t been to a Photo Party it’s kind of like a photo shoot but way cooler…

The plan is: I will be taking photos of anyone who wants to model.  This is not a call out for professional models! I just want to paint you, and my painting process usually begins with a party… and photos.

On July 7th, some of my paintings inspired by this event will be on display at Sidewinder Gallery.

Feel free to bring drinks BYOB! We will have wine at the gallery if you don’t want to bring anything.

Sidewinder Gallery
4880 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640


Impressions Of The World

Past Exhibits

“Can we see beyond ourselves? We meet people every day who have stories to share. As conscious and communicative beings we recognize and connect with each other, but we only have our own eyes from which to see, and our own ears to hear. Our thoughts and the world we define for ourselves remain our own, and a mystery to the people around us.”

Robert will be displaying his current project Pseudonymity along with other artists on Aug 5th, 2016 in downtown Chicago. To learn more about the show, please check out the Facebook event