Pseudonymity Project

A year of interpersonal painting

Can we see beyond ourselves? We meet people every day who have stories to share. As conscious and communicative beings we recognize and connect with each other, but we only have our own eyes from which to see, and our own ears to hear. Our thoughts and the world we define for ourselves remain our own, and a mystery to the people around us.

This phenomenon has me fixated on the stories of the people I meet throughout my life. I want to better understand what it means to communicate with each other. So much so that I have devoted this year to painting a portrait every week of 2015, and publishing a book about this endeavor at the beginning of 2016.

Each life-like portrait serves as a visual tribute to the nuances of human communication. The landscapes created with each portrait clue the viewer in on how they might begin to understand the individual portrayed before them. This theme prevails throughout Pseudonymity. From mirrored images to repeated shapes, the paintings carry a subtle code that describes how we see and learn about each other. As 2015 progresses so will these portraits. This blog will act as your guide to the world that is Pseudonymity and to the visual code of our interpersonal communication.

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