The dawn of Pseudonymity

This is where it all began. The first of 52 paintings was in my sight, while the next 51 were just waiting to come to fruition. This piece is appropriately titled “Dawn” as it is the morning painting of Pseudonymity, and was created in the first week of the year.

Looking back, my vision was limited when I began. My ideas of capturing who I see, and what I experience when paining someone else’s personality was under cooked. Nonetheless, I was, and continue to be, passionate as I engage the identity of the person I am painting.

The sky is deep red and Melissa’s pose is confident. Yet, her gaze seems distant and the color of her eyes strongly contrasts the rest of the painting. She is looking elsewhere. She is looking to the future.

This painting very much represents the purpose of this project, much more strongly then at the time I painted it. I was painting my aspirations for this project while attempting to paint Melissa.  The heat of the red sky represents the intensity of my intentions as I take on such a bold task of completing one portrait a week for one year. The odds are stacked against me, as I work two jobs while diving head on into the Pseudonymity project.  The clouds are numerous, just as the hours of painting that lie before me. Even so, my gaze is cool, and I’m prepared to test my diligence.

How can we understand someone else if  we only have our own mind to analyze them with?